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Question 2

Countryside School

This debt exclusion question would provide $2.3 million annually over 30 years to pay for the renovation/ rebuilding Countryside School.

The total cost to rebuild Countryside School is $61 million, but the school is in such terrible condition that the state has pledged $20million toward its renovation/rebuilding if Newton passes this override question. 


If we do not approve this override, we  will lo $20million in state money.

Total cost: $61 million

MSBA share: $20 million

Newton's share: $41 million

Yes = $20million

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 1.23.36 PM.png
Click below to watch this video to learn more about the school buildings:

Why Countryside?

Countryside is a 70-year-old elementary school built on a flood plain, with antiquated and obsolete building systems that are beyond their useful life and inadequate program spaces for today’s educational needs. Half of the classrooms are additions that were never intended to last as long as they have. The number of classrooms was doubled without enlarging the shared learning spaces so that the library, cafetorium, and gym are half the size that they should be. The school has virtually no special education or student support spaces outside of the classrooms. The basement is never dry even with sump pumps running constantly. Chronic flooding has completely submerged the boilers twice and has led to rotting wood, and mold. Sewage odors are common at Countryside because pumps are required to pump sewage up to the street level. Many of the bathrooms are not accessible for people with disabilities.


Newton has a long-range facilities plan to upgrade its school buildings that began to be implemented when the citizens of Newton approved the 2013 overrides. In addition, Northland committed $1.5 million to improve the school. If this question fails to pass then every other school needing improvements will be delayed as well. Newton’s children deserve a modern learning environment. Please vote yes on Question 2.

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