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Question 1

Operating Override

This operating override question would provide $9.125 million annually to fund important parts of the Newton City Budget.

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Horace Mann School

The Horace Mann building is woefully undersized by state standards. The classrooms, cafetorium and library are too small for the needs of the school and the building is inaccessible to people with mobility difficulty. The playground structure is broken and unusable in places.

After a period of community advocacy, the city has moved forward with a plan to renovate Horace Mann School.

$775,000 per year will go toward this vital and absolutely necessary renovation.

Newton Public Schools faces a serious budget gap due to growing student needs and rising costs. We cannot continue to plug this hole with one-time funds like ARPA. 

The override would provide $4.5 million annually to address this structural deficit.

If the override does not pass, we will see 

  • Across the board budget reductions to all departments

  • Increased class sizes

  • Reductions to breadth and depth of programming for

  • students

  • Significant changes to staffing and structures

  • Increased fees and other revenues sources

  • Severe challenges to meet Systemwide Goals and School Committee Budget Guidelines

Newton Public Schools

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Roads and Sidewalks

The override would provide $1.4 million annually to maintain and continue to repair our roads and sidewalks. This would support the $9.5 million the city has already pledged for roads projects.

Older Residents

People over 55 are Newton's fastest growing demographic. The override would provide $500,000 annually to provide programs and services to our older residents. This money will support social and emotional programming, transportation and Medicare counseling.
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Fields, Parks Playgrounds and Courts

Newton Parks, Recreation and Culture Department oversees one 600 acres. The override would provide $1 million annually to maintain our fields, parks, playgrounds and courts. This marks a 27% increase over what the City spends now.


Newton can be proud of its climate sustainability goals. The override would provide $500,000 million annually for electrification projects, including at Peirce School and the Newton Free Library.


Planting trees is an effective and sustainable way to meet our climate goals and beautify our City. The override would provide $500,000 million annually to plant new street trees and care for the ones that already live here..

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